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RANSOM Expands Reach with Successful Launch of 5th Campus at the University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL, November 13, 2023

RANSOM celebrated a significant milestone this week with the launch of its 5th campus at the University of Alabama. A dedicated team of 12, including current students and alumni, arrived on campus at 10 am, distributing nearly 3,000 flyers by 4 pm. The buzz surrounding RANSOM had already reached the UA community through word of mouth and social media, with students expressing prior awareness. At 7:30 pm, the main venue quickly began to fill. At 7:50 pm, two RANSOM charter buses arrived, bringing 100 RANSOM students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University. With more than 250 total attendees, the overflow dispersed into hallways and onto the balcony. The overwhelming response demonstrated a hunger for spiritual growth and leadership development, as students expressed a keen interest in joining the RANSOM team to make a lasting impact on campus life at UA. The successful launch marks a significant step forward for RANSOM's mission to empower students in their faith journey and cultivate leaders for the future.


Carlie Shively

Marika Gray

RANSOM Marketing Team

RANSOM - Radical Athlete aNd Student Oasis Ministry

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